ABC News’ James Longman’s exclusive new Interview with rescued Thai Soccer Team: WATCH

When the story first broke in late June of a boys’ soccer team trapped miles deep inside a flooded cave in Thailand, the world held its collective breath for a positive outcome.  One of the first reporters on the scene of global fascination was ABC News foreign correspondent, James Longman.

The story of a seemingly impossible search became one of elation when the boys and their coach where found alive, but then immediately turned to a race against time to rescue them safely.  Longman was there every step of the way and recently returned to Thailand to interview the team and their coach in the Buddhist monastery where they had just completed a religious retreat.


Watch James Longman’s full “Nightline” exclusive interview and report HERE

As Longman point’s out in the epilogue of his full report, the effort to find and bring the boys and their coach home safe and sound was truly the work of a global community.  If you haven’t seen it airing on television, the people of Thailand are deeply grateful and have sent this message out in return.


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