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WATCH: John Oliver Smashes Ron DeSantis in his Fascist Face

Over the last four years, we’ve watched Governor Ron DeSantis devolve from Trump toady to an autocrat bent on turning Florida into an authoritarian state where his fascist whims are enacted by its Republican controlled legislature.

He successfully blocked an overwhelming state referendum which restored voting rights to convicted felons who’d served their time.

In the wake of the George Floyd demonstrations, he passed a law deeming three or more peaceful protesters as rioters if anyone acts unlawfully.

DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law has silenced any mention of LGBTQ relationships or identity in public education.

His latest “Stop Woke Act” aka “Don’t Say Black” is his latest attempt to silence Black history and/or books, discussions, or education about race and civil rights in America.

Most recently, his administration retaliated against Disney for publicly denouncing his homophobic laws and censorship practices by passing a law striping the corporation of its self-governance district and installing DeSantis loyalists (including one from the right wing advocacy group “Moms for Liberty”) to control its Board.  When signing the bill into law, he indicated that they might also start dictating Disney content as well.

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Suppression, censorship, retaliation against dissenters are classic traits of a fascist dictator and Ron DeSantis is almost certainly running for President in 2024.  But these highlights are just the teaser of the DerFascist story.  For a full take down of the most infectious thing to hit Florida since the clap at the start of spring break, leave it to John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.


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It’s worth noting, the laws and tactics used by DeSantis in Florida are not going unnoticed by other Republican Governors, especially ones with GOP controlled legislatures.  Many of them are copying and making their legislation even more severe like Arkansas’s pending “Don’t Say Gay” law.  What’s more, while the GOP primary may well shape up to be a dogfight between Trump and DeSantis, the thought of either one as the nominee is appalling.

Simply put, DeSantis’s will “Make America Florida.”

Another recent development last week of a direct interest was the introduction of a bill in the Florida legislature requiring bloggers who write about DeSantis and his other officials to register with him before doing so.  Seriously? Register??  WTAF???

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Digging into it a bit more, it only applies to bloggers who are “paid,” but even “Citizens United held that paid speech is protected under the First Amendment.  That being said, don’t think for second that Ron DeDictator doesn’t want to control everything said about him and won’t expand the definition.  He’s already about to expand his “Don’t Say Gay” Law parameters from K-3 up to and including the 8th grade.

Here’s a message directly to Ron DeSantis,

Come for us Bitch!


(P.S.  You’re our new favorite topic)


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