Pence pledges Trump’s “unwavering support” for designated Anti-Gay Hate Group

Even though it’s designated as a “Hate Group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, that didn’t stop Vice President, Mike Pence from addressing the 40th Anniversary event for “Focus on the Family” and praising their anti-LGBT work. 

What’s more he “promised that they have an unwavering ally in President Donald Trump.”  He was excited that I was coming here today and wanted me to give you all his thanks and regards…” this according to an article from

The article goes to explain,

“The founder, Dr James Dobson, has led the ignorant views of Focus on the Family for a number of years.  In 2012, the evangelist blamed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on the growing acceptance of LGBT rights in the US.  He also claimed that being bisexual meant you only had orgies.”

Pence called James Dobson a “friend and mentor” and said that the organization was a “cornerstone of American life for so many Americans”.

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If ANY previous vice-president or  had attended a gather of an officially recognized hate group, let alone addressed them, praised them, and/or pledged their support for them, Americans would have lost their fucking minds!

To quote Larry Kramer, “WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE???”

This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Not for LGBTs! Not for progressives!  Not for America!!!

If Pence had done the same at a Klan rally would America ignore it?  If he pledged support for an anti-Muslim group would that get a pass too?  Or a neo-Nazi group known to be a threat to Jews?  FUCK NO!

And it’s NOT OK for the President and Vice President of the United States of America to support Anti-LGBT hate groups!

It might be GAY PRIDE weekend but it’s time to raise some GAY HELL!!!

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