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Happy Birthday Larry Kramer, Playwright/Author/Activist


According to Peter Staley, fellow ACTUP activist and ally, “He has said again and again, and I think it is truly, truly felt by him, that he loves gay people and considers us all his children.”

Maybe it is that insight which helps explain the passion, outrage, and relentless fury with which Larry Kramer has taken on the world.  If being an Oscar nominated, Tony, Obie, and Emmy winning, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and prolific author wasn’t enough for one lifetime; he has been at the forefront in the fight for LGBT Civil Rights; sounded the clarion’s call when AIDS first appeared; founded Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the first HIV/AIDS human services organization; harnessed the energy and rage of LGBT youth to ACTUP when health and government officials didn’t care; and warned an entire community that SILENCE=DEATH. 

So what drives Larry Kramer?  Perhaps as any good parent does, he simply wants a better life for his children.

“I don’t regret anything I’ve done or said. No matter what you say, some people are going to like it and some people aren’t.”

  • Larry Kramer

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Happy 82nd Birthday Larry! 

With deepest love and respect,



One personal note…

The first time I heard Larry Kramer speak, when it came to gay activism he said he was sick of people asking him “what should we do?”

“What do you fucking want to do???” He replied

Well Larry, we’re doing it and I’m proud to say you helped inspire theOUTfront.



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