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MANCANDY: On the Wresting Mat

With all the ugliness and continual crisis in the world today, we all need a little beauty and diversion, otherwise we’ll never survive the nightmare. 

theOUTfront decided to take one for #TeamGay and post a few videos of beautiful men enjoying the ancient sport of wrestling.  When you have a zoom lens, every view is a spectacular view.

There is a treasure trove of wrestling videos available for your viewing pleasure, but we sorted through so so many to bring you a few of our favorites. (It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.) 

The first video is fresh “meet” from just over a month ago.


It’s more than obvious we are far from the only ones interested in sweaty, sinewy men straining and groping each other’s ripped musculatures to top their opponents into submission.  Some viewers even go so far as to add special effects to the already HOT AF videos, such as slow motion so as not to miss a moment of man to man action.


And then sometimes, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.



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