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Brian Justin Crum’s new video, “Circles” looks at relationships in 360: WATCH

Fresh off his stellar performances on America’s Got Talent Champion’s, vocal powerhouse Brian Justin Crum has released “Circles,” a new music video every gay man can relate to.  The trials and tribulations of being with the man you love or think you do are difficult to navigate to say the least and can send anyone into a tailspin. In his video for “Circles” BJC and Vincent Michael live out the emotions we’ve all been through with the help of Cris Cangero’s choreography.

For Brian, “Circles” is very personal if not cathartic as well.

“Circles” was born after a tumultuous relationship came to an end. I realized that we had been stuck in the same patterns and were never able to truly forgive each other and move forward. Our relationship became a cycle of toxicity and hurt, it was almost an addiction. I learned so much from that Circle and I’m better because of it.”


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