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Live from Washington, it’s SNL’s Political Season Premiere: VIDEOS

With last week’s seismic revelations about Donald Trump’s abuse of power and Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing an impeachment inquire against the President, you could practically hear the scripts for the last night’s 45th season premiere of Saturday Night Live hitting the trash can with every shoe that fell.

As political comedy material goes, the past week was an embarrassment of riches from the spray tan stained White House from which Trump controls the leaking about as well as his own bladder.  We knew SNL was going to be hilarious.  The only question was how “bigly” was it going be?

Well, it was huuuge!  In fact, SNL double down on the politics in a “perfect” bipartisan way with a second impeachment sketch.  Of course there were “only the best” surprise guest star cameos throughout the “tremendous” sketches.

First up SNL’s cold opening that we’ve titled, “All the President’s Morons.”


Next, the Democratic presidential primary candidates’ response to the Trump impeachment inquire that we’ve calling, “Dem Debatin’ Dems.”

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