Drag Queen Panti Bliss to become TV Drag Star

After her 2014 TED Talk on LGBT Equality went viral, Ireland’s most famous and fabulous drag queen, Panti Bliss became a global household name (in the gay Community anyway).  She also became the face of marriage equality and gay civil rights in Ireland.  Miss Bliss aka Rory O’Neill, also penned her autobiography, ‘Woman in the Making’ which is now being developed for television by a US production company.

According to an article onPINKNews.com,

 “It is fictional-ish.  “It is a comedy drama. I will be Panti in it and draw on my vast back catalogue of embarrassing stories.

“The TV series is not actually about the book but they are locking all that stuff off so that no one else can use it.

“We are still working it all out… they are a big impressive company they have the money to say let’s just go and do it. It’s a new thing for me writing for TV. It’s exciting.”

Read the full article via PINKNews here

Watch Panti Bliss’s speech at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin


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