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John Oliver Explains The Weaponizing of Transgender Health Care and Lives

The fight for LGBTQ equality, civil rights, and protection under the law has been going on for decades, and it has always been our fight for progress.  But today, the fight is against the New Right’s attacks on the substantial achievements we have made; their legalization of discrimination against us in the guise of “Religious Freedom;” and their fomentation of lies, fear, and hate towards.  They don’t want to merely turn back the clock to a pre-Stonewall era, they want to erase that history and our existence from America entirely.

Nowhere is that more obvious and crueler than their attacks on transgender youth and the health care and support they need for the happy and full lives they deserve.  For a party that once proclaimed it was for “small government” and decried the “liberal nanny state” for intruding in the personal lives of Americans and deciding what’s best for them, the New Right has become just that and more.  Republicans have taken transgender people’s, specifically young people and children’s human rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness turned them into political weapon.

It’s a weapon of hate meant to inflame their base with lies and fear in order to widen the divide of in America at the expense of innocent children already going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.  

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver looked at what exactly these sadistic conservatives are doing to our most vulnerable youth and saw how some of today’s youth clearly see them for what little they are and how trans youth manage to find their joy in spite of them.

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