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Listen to the Luscious Music of Gay Tea Dances

Millennials can’t begin to comprehend that social doesn’t require media.  But for generations, gay men grew up being social by meeting face to face; and it was wonderful, especially when there is beautiful music playing.  Whether, the music was the backdrop to conversations or the soundtrack on the dance floor, the classic sounds of the Gay Tea Dance are a long, proud and joyous part of our Community.

For decades “going to tea” is what gay men did on Sunday; what we looked forward to; where we found Community.  It was the social event of the week, a relaxing, joyful afternoon of socializing with friends, and dancing to the most luscious and lovely music on Earth.  

Our friends at have a fascinating article by Will Kohler, “The Very Gay History of the Almost Lost Tradition of the Sunday Tea Dance.”  Read it HERE 

The DJs who spun Tea were in a class by themselves, creating an ethereal flow of love harmony, and, joy.  It was a vibe no stream, no algorithm, no virtual service can ever hope to create because it was magic;  (just ask anyone who has ever gone to tea) so we won’t even try, but here are a few of theOUTfront Tea Dance favorites to enjoy.



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