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Celebrating STONEWALL 50 with Generations of Pride

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

It’s nearly impossible to appreciate the significance or scope of the half century since the uprising at Stonewall created our Community.  The impact of that night on the lives of LGBTQ people in America, and the world over, is simply beyond measure or comprehension.  Starting today, Pride 2019 not only celebrates STONEWALL 50 as a community’s genesis, but as the largest, global, civil rights movement in history.

This is an awe-inspiring moment in which we stand.

It is a moment in time which offers us a unique 360 perspective of our community and our story.  To either side, we can see the injustice and inequality at home and abroad, reminding us our work is far from done.  Behind us, we gain perspective on battles lost and won, achievements great and small, and the shoulders upon which we stand.  And before us, we view a better future for our families and Community.

This is the inspiration for theOUTfront’s 2019 series “Generations of Pride.”

“Generations of Pride” will offer its own unique perspective.  Instead of solely writing about STONEWALL 50, we’re reaching out to the Community asking them to write what they’ve lived and experienced.  They are the generations of pride who have gotten us where we are today and are headed tomorrow. 

After together choosing a germane topic, each contributor has been given the freedom to tell their story in their own voice and style.  Every post will be their own personal, generation of pride.

Additionally, theOUTfront will be celebrating the people who have shaped our Community past and present in their own inspiring words with a daily Twitter series. @TheOUTFront

Finally, Pride is nothing without Community, so during STONEWALL 50 we are excited to be collaborating with fellow blogger and contributor, Randy Slovacek, creator of the award-winning, The Randy Report.  Randy is a noted LGBT journalist and podcaster with whom we are honored to bring our Community the best of Pride 2019. Follow Randy on Twitter @randyslovacek 

Randy Slovacek

The desire for a better future for ourselves and for those to come has been the heart of our Community since the beginning; it has and will continue to inspire generations of Pride.

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