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Let’s “Do One F@%king Thing About Guns” While We Can: VIDEOS

Earlier this week, a court ruling in Texas dealt a devastating blow to the NRA by denying it’s bankruptcy case and clearing the way for the State of New York’s lawsuits against the organization.


While this has certainly brought the titian of gun lobby to its knees, the NRA is not the only group who has a gun barrel the head of Congress. What’s more, there’s the American people’s incomprehensible obsession with owning guns but utter indifference for the death caused by guns.


With the horrific surge of post-covid lockdown, mass shootings, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee again addressed the subject of gun violence with a renewed imperative.


But with her trademark, “let me explain this for all the people in the Red States” style, Samantha Bee breaks down gun violence as the public health crisis in America that it is.


One of the most stunning facts about guns is how unregulated they are for safety.  Samantha decided to see what gun safety regulations would like if they were applied to cars.


She also too a walk down “SammieBee Street” to talk to activists on the ground in neighborhoods fighting to end the epidemic of gun violence.


Superstar recording artist, Richard Marx supported Samantha Bee’s call to action and did his one fucking thing about guns.


If you don’t already follow Richard Mark on Twitter you should.  He’s brilliant and has NO filter! @richardmarx


If anyone should know about guns and their place in our society, it seems like the people for whom the Second Amendment was intended and are trained and use them every day, it would be our military and Veterans.  They’re pretty clear on the issue of guns and gun reform.



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