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Jonno Davies gets the Lads fit to be new “Clockwork Boys” Off Broadway

By TheatreRat

“It’s awesome to be able to give other actors the opportunity to become a ‘Clockwork Boy,’ as we like to label it. A lot of people think that they just hire big strong guys with six packs, but that’s not the case. That just tends to be a result of doing the show for a long time.”

So says British actor, Jonno Davies in an interview with  Davies is currently reprising the leading role of “Droog” gang leader, Alex Delarge for American audience off-Broadway through January 6th.

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All-Male “A Clockwork Orange” headed Off Broadway: VIDEO PREVIEW

(photo credit: production website)

This all male testosterone charged production has been an international sensation playing to sold out audiences in London, Norway and Singapore.   It has now landed in America, and its new cast of “Clockwork Boys” is getting a workout on stage and off.  According to,

“Fifty percent of A Clockwork Orange focuses on movement, and during rehearsals the cast does an hour of high-intensity circuit training each morning. Throughout the show’s run, they scale back to half an hour of daily exercise on top of regular warm-ups.

The physical training has translated into a passion for Davies, who now has a fitness blog and promotes healthy living via his Instagram. The actor says that all of the physical activity is also great for team bonding and building trust among the men, paramount in a show that features so much choreographed violence. “You get so close in such a small space of time,” says Davies.”

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(photo credit production website)

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