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Chris Evans and his dog Dodger have best reunion EVER! WATCH

As if we couldn’t love Chris Evans anymore, now comes this ridiculously adorable video with his dog Dodger after ten weeks apart.


We can’t decide who’s luckier, Chris or Dodger.

Evans was away shooting on location and couldn’t take his four legged best friend with him, but over the weekend they got caught up again.

According to US magazine, “Evans rescued Dodger in 2016 while filming his movie Gifted.”  One of the scenes was shot in an animal shelter where Dodger was found his forever home with Evans, as well as five other furry friends with other cast and crew members.

If you haven’t seen the film, Gifted it’s definitely worth your time.


Maybe you’ll spot Dodger in the background making a cameo.

(All images courtesy of Chris Evans Twitter)

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