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“Immigration Nation,” the Docu-Series Trump Does Not want You to See: TRAILER

One of the few absolutes in life is “there are two side to every story.”

When it comes to what America knows about the Trump Administration’s immigration policies and ICE’s enforcement of them and the truth about their side has been widely disputed since the beginning of his term, until now.  Immigration Nation, a six-part docu-series now streaming on Netflix tell their side, from “their side.”

(video still)

It is the cruel and shocking reality of American immigration policy in action and the culmination of three years, unfettered access to the Federal ICE Agency, including embedding with its officers conducting raids and enforcement missions.

“The most damning inside portrait of the Trump administration yet”  – The Week



In 2017, the Trump Administration granted permission to the filmmakers and full access to ICE.  Since the film’s completion this year, it has vigorously tried to censor its content and suppress its release,  or at least until after the election.

Last night on MSNBC, Ali Velshi interviewed the directors of “Immigration Nation,” Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau, about their film.


America’s immigration problems and policies are too often framed in term of “they’re takers;” the ones coming in to “take our jobs, “take out health care,” and “steal our way of life.”  But one of the most disgusting and easily fixable flaws in our immigration policy is the deportation of American Veterans.

(video still)

Men and women who put their lives on the line and served America with Honor are being thrown out by Donald J. Trump, Commander-in-Chief – lying draft dodger.


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