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“Vote Him Away! #2, The Liar Tweets Tonight” MUSIC VIDEO

Hey Taylor, about your “Cardigan?”

Shake it off!

It is too damn hot for a sweater in August.

And ain’t nobody got time to calm down when our Democracy is at stake.  What we need is a song… song of the summer… song of the Summer Resistance!

With over 100K+ views already, “Vote Him Away! #2 “Vote Him Away! #2 (as in “re-deux”) is The Liar Tweets Tonight” promises to be the Song of the Summer.  It’s also the answer to the Cheeto-in-Chief and his orange faced lies, ridicule.

More than Nancy Pelosi, intelligent Black Women, or facts, POTUS hates being laughed at.


Which means the Adderall fueled, racist bats in his cracked belfry are gonna lose there guano when he see this brilliant song parody by Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters.



“Vote Him Away! #2, The Liar Tweets Tonight”

by Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters featuring Peggy Seeger, Jay Siegel of the Tokens, Vicki Randle, George Kahumoku Jr. Sandy Riccardi and Philipos Melaku-Bello.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” words and music by Solomon Linda.

Parody lyrics by Ede Morris, Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby.


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