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Get a Bangin’ Butt with the Kilted Coaches’ New NSFWorkout Video

If we wore
anything underneath it,
then it would
be a skirt!

Readers of theOUTfront may recall our previous post via BoyCulture about the Kilted Coaches and their manly workout video.  Well those Scottish studs are back again to show everyone how to get the best bangin’ butt.  According to the

“In their latest workout video, the hunky duo talk us through their favorite workouts guaranteed to help us get a firmer, more muscular derrieres.”

But wait!  There’s more…

The Kilted Coaches are not just fabulous furry man candy (not that we’re complaining) but in fact dedicated personal trainers with a decade of experience.

Check out their personal training website and free “LEaN Formula (Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition) webinar” HERE

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