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For Climate Crisis The Future Is Now – CBS News Report: VIDEO

Hot enough for ya?

Well, you ain’t seen nothin yet.  That what scientists and leading experts are telling us about the heatwave which has gripped most of the US this summer.  In just a few years, we will longingly lookback at this summer as mild by comparison.

But this isn’t really news is it.  These same climate experts have been sounding the alarm for years if not decades about what was to come if humanity didn’t clean up its act and now it’s here.  While the effects that we are seeing across the country and around the world are devastating and not isolated, they can be, need to be dealt with.

Most importantly, we can still act, we must act and act now to mitigate climate change.  But our response to the climate crisis must be proportionate to the impending crisis.  As CBS News Sunday Morning reports there is plenty we can still do but we need to start doing it today.


(main image: screen capture)

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