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Randy Rainbow Sings What We’ve Been Screaming, “Lock Him Up Yesterday!” – VIDEO

Randy Rainbow always has one finger on the political pulse of our nation and the other on our funny bone with his fabulous song parodies.  But in his latest twisted tune, he’s put a melody to what each and every one of us have been screaming since January 7, 2021.

Lock Him Up Yesterday!

With the help of the J6 Committee’s video evidence Randy Rainbow laments the former Traitor and Coup Plotter’s conspiracy, incitement, and negligence to stop the insurrection and decapitation of the US Government. He positions himself as the “chorus” singing about the American tragedy caused by the House of Trump and the justice required for his crimes.


The ancient Greeks kept their comedies and tragedies separate, but leave it to Randy Rainbow to have the hubris to cross the lines.

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