Ellen, Kevin, Oscar, and “being perfect” VIDEO

In one of the fastest and most memorable fiascoes in Tinseltown, the Academy Awards’ announcement of Kevin Hart as host of the 2019 Oscar broadcast imploded in less than 48 hours.  Caused by homophobic tweets from a decade ago, Hart refused the Academy’s ultimatum to apologize yet again and withdrew from his dream gig.

Fellow comedian D L Hughley backed up Hart. But as reported by fellow blogger Randy Slovacek on “The Randy Report,” Golden Globe nominee for his performance on Pose, Billy Porter had a few choice words for both of them.  “Fuck that. Fuck you. We’re done.” (Billy Porter is nobody’s fool!)

While that pretty much sums it, read the full story via The Randy Report HERE

Now in a previously planned appearance promoting his new movie, Kevin Hart opens up to Ellen about the controversy and where it has left him as a person.


Everyone can and will judge Kevin Hart’s explanation for themselves, but the most interesting taking away may be his observation about our society as a whole.  We have become hypersensitive to mistakes, fax paus, and/or blunders and obsessed with perfection.  For years, Whoopi Goldberg has talked about “stepping in doo doo” and having to clean it up when it happens, and that we have all done it.  Mistakes are human, and we lean more from our mistakes than what we get right.

“Excellence does not require perfection.” — Henry James

Somewhere along the line, we lost the fact we’ve all made mistakes or engaged our mouths before our brains.  We’ve become so reactionary to offenses we stopped discerning between a slight and the egregiously gross.  It’s an issue the #MeToo movement admits to grappling with, that there’s a wide spectrum between a leering look and a Harvey Weinstein.

We need to stop expecting and looking for “perfection” in people.  Everyone is flawed, some far worse than others, what’s important is the willingness and ability to lean from one’s mistakes.

“When you know better, do better.” –Maya Angelou


Should Kevin Hart host the Oscars?  It’s not our decision.  Chris Connelly on GMA this morning said, “the Oscars are nothing without its gay audience.” While truer words were never spoken, undoubtedly even that statement upset someone.

People should not be given a pass for making bias remarks targeting others and should be called out for them.  As Ellen points out people make mistakes but also deserve second chances.  If we don’t look at the flaws of others through the lens of our flawed selves, then we can’t focus on our future together.


The full interview with Kevin Hart airs Monday, January 7th on Ellen.


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