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“Bring Them Home: A Broadway Prayer” Voices Raised in Hope: MUSIC VIDEO

The Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on October 7th left 1400 men, women, children, and babies dead and butchered in the most heinous ways unimaginable.  It was and is the single greatest lost of Jewish lives at one time since the Holocaust.

Hamas also kidnapped an additional 240 people or more ranging in age from 85 years old to just 9 months old.  These hostages are not only Israeli but represent thirty different nationalities.

And they are being held captive in the most dangerous war zone in the world.

People everywhere are hoping and praying for their safety and immediate release.  That includes the Broadway Community.  As it so often does in a time of crisis, Broadway artists come together in solidarity, support, and love to lift their voices as one as they did in 2016 in the aftermath of the Pulse Night Club massacre.


In 2017 they recorded “Almost like Praying” to support their fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who had been ravaged by hurricane Maria with a fundraising track “’Almost Like Praying’ (feat. Artists for Puerto Rico) MUSIC VIDEO”


Now in 2023, the Broadway Community has come together again in song in a prayer for the hostages and to embrace their families, friends, and all those who await their safe return.  Dozens of artists join together for one of the most powerful songs from one of Broadway’s greatest musicals, Les Misérables.  With subtle lyric changes, they lift their voices to “Bring Them Home.”


Broadway artists coming together in unity shows the power of love over hate, hope over despair, solidarity over division, and the ability of music to transcend boundaries and languages to comfort those in pain.  As such we share one last music video from artist around the world who prayed for the return of theatre after the pandemic with a “Sabbath Prayer.”

On this Sabbath, may their voices comfort all with a vacant chair at the table tonight as we await the safe return of the hostages.


Shabbat Shalom


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