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Earth Day 2023 – A Breath of Fresh Air: VIDEOS

As we have the past two years, theOUTfront is again flipping the script to mark Earth Day.  Instead of focusing on rising sea temperatures, deforestation, carbon emissions, and the dire predictions of accelerating climate change — we are celebrating the wonders of our planet.

We made this choice to remind us all of the extraordinary beauty that’s at stake if we don’t take immediate action and make changes to blunt the impending ecological crisis.

In 2021, we explored beauty of our oceans which cover 70% of the Earth’s surface.

“Refresh Yourself in the Wonders of Our Oceans on Earth Day 2021: VIDEOS”


Last year, we reveled in the majesty and biodiversity of our global forests covering 20% of the land and are home to 80% of all species on the planet.

“Earth Day 2022 – See the Forest for the Trees: VIDEOS” 


This year we complete our environmental trilogy by looking at the elemental which we cannot see – the air.  The Earth is surrounded and protected by miles of atmosphere aka air which we take for granted.  It is our careless disregard for the air which is the root of climate change.  The greatest air pollutants and contributors to the  accelerating crisis are carbon and methane emissions, ground level ozone, and ozone depletion from CFCs.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to care about something you cannot see let alone see the damage being done to it, which bring us back to celebrating the awe-inspiring phenomenon in the air.

It’s probably been a minute since you laid in the grass, looked up, and simply enjoyed watching the clouds roll by.  Please stop and do so now.


There are countless breathtaking spectacles which take place in the air, but this one never disappoints or ceases to amaze.


“Entre Ciel et Terre” – “Between the sky and Earth”

From the YouTube post,

“There are only a few regions in the world where the skies meet the Earth with almost no distinction between the two. La Palma in the Canary Islands is one of them.  While most of the volcanic island is isolated under a thick layer of clouds, the tip of its crater often punches through it and allows you to be one step closer to the Heavens. At an altitude of about 2300 meters above sea level you feel so far removed from any kind of civilization especially because of the cloud inversion… The summit of La Palma’s caldera benefits from dry and clear skies almost year-round with almost no light pollution to disturb it, and only rare Calima (this dusty wind coming from the Sahara desert).”


Rainbows appear where you’d least expect them.


What’s important to realize about these aerial events is that they are not guaranteed to continue, quite the opposite.  They are spectacular natural occurrences which, if the current balance allowing them to happen is disrupted by climate change, will most assuredly end.

But it’s not too late.  If we all work together, climate change can be slowed and reversed.  We simply need to understand we’re all alone in this together.

Look at it this way…


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