Digital “Gay Kiss at the Kremlin” Protests Chechen Purge

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The purge of gay men by Chechen authorities has horrified the international community and LGBT activists.  Human rights organizations and heads of states are calling for investigations into the reports of concentration camps and funding sites are raising much needed money to help gay and bisexual men escape the country.  Now is reporting a new show of social resistance that is catching on globally.  According to the site,

“A kissing campaign for LGBT rights in Chechnya has attracted support from all over the world.

Hundreds of gay couples have uploaded photos of themselves kissing and geo-tag themselves as being at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Brazilian social justice project [SSEX BBOX] – an abbreviation of ‘Sexuality Outside The Box’ – started the movement on Instagram under the hashtag #kiss4lgbtqrights.

[SSEX BBOX] started the campaign because it wanted to create “the biggest kiss in the world” to speak out “against the silencing of the LGBTQIA population in Russia.”


Read the full article and find out how you can join the Digital Kiss via HERE

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