Gay Rights vs Homophobia, a new Global Report

With Gay Pride Month just around the corner, it’s worth taking stock of where the LGBT Global Community stands in 2017.  That’s just what the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Assn. has done in a new report out focusing on areas of civil rights and justice.  According to an article from the,

“The majority of countries now allow sexual activity between consenting adults of the same gender, and the legal recognition of same-sex marriage is slowly spreading along with laws to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, according to a report published Monday.  At the same time, persecution and stigmatization remain rampant in most countries, and equal rights for LGBTQ people are “still very far from reach,” 

Here are just a couple of the report’s findings from the LA Times article.


The number of countries, including Kosovo, that specifically mention sexual orientation in their constitution as grounds for protection against discrimination. Meanwhile, 72 countries have laws that forbid discrimination in the workplace due to a person’s sexual orientation, and 86 have national human rights institutions that include sexual orientation in the issues they handle.


The number of United Nations member states where a person can be put to death for participating in consensual sexual activity with someone of the same sex. They are Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan, where the punishment is implemented statewide nation; Somalia and Nigeria, where the penalty exists only in certain provinces; and regions of Iraq and Syria that are held by the militant group Islamic State.

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(Rebecca Vassie / Associated Press)

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