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Chatting With Woofy Trevor LaPaglia Of ‘The Disappointments’

In this episode of The Randy Report, the oh-so-charming Trevor LaPaglia chats about his terrific web series, “The Disappointments.”

“The Disappointments” is a darkly comic series that follows 3 gay best friends in their 50s dealing with the fallout of faltering careers and empty bank accounts as they figure out how to set themselves up to survive in the decades yet to come.

Metaphorically speaking, these guys suddenly find themselves standing in a room, looking at their their belongings, their careers, their unhappy personal lives, their reflection in the mirror and asking, ‘How did this get to be my life?’

Trevor LaPaglia plays “Dwight,” the very good looking younger boyfriend of “Ray,” played by series creator Rich Burns.


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“Dwight” is such a breath of fresh air in that he doesn’t over-think life. He knows how to pay his bills on time, he’s buying houses & renovating them, and is pretty much in control of his early 30s life.

He’s like a big, furry puppy who isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. And he’s totally charming in doing so.

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Hit the play button as I chat with Trevor LaPaglia of “The Disappointments.”

You can watch Season One of “The Disappointments” (for free!) on YouTube here, and you can follow the handsome actor on Instagram here.

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