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‘See the Queens’ Your Ultimate Guide To Drag

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

As long as there have been stages, there has been the art of drag.  Prior to 1660, women were not allowed to legally perform in public; prior to that female roles were played by men/young men in drag.  Three hundred years later, performing in drag was not only still alive and well, but had become a cultural mainstay in the underground LGBTQ Community and emblematic of its increasingly political and vocal resistance.

In fact, during the Stonewall Riots one of the most noted protests was the Stonewall Girls, a drag queen kick line which taunted the NYPD cops with their chants.

“We are the Stonewall Girls

We wear our hair in curls

We wear no underwear

We show our pubic hair

We wear our dungarees

Above our nelly knees!”

In 2023, drag queens and other drag artists have become mainstream entertainment on television, the internet, social media, and in practically every corner of America.  That’s an enormous number of performers whose talents and styles are as wide and varied as a rainbow.  Starting today, finding a drag artist, performance, or booking them for an event, becomes a one stop destination with the launch of the new website, See The Queens.


“STQ will expose audiences to a whole new world of drag performers, beyond what they see on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” said See The Queens founder, Scott Adam. “New York City, and every city, has incredible local queens, kings and things, and having a place to easily sort and easily find events by neighborhood or category, truly allows audiences to experience the most exciting and vibrant entertainment like never before.”

See The Queens is free to both patrons and to drag artist who create their own profiles.  With profiles and event details personally managed by the talent and promoters themselves, STQ opens the door for emerging artists and lesser-known venues.  It also allows them to make announcements i.e., changes to their schedule, special guests, etc. in real time.

Currently, See The Queens offers those living in New York City, Fire Island, and Long Island an ultimate guide to the local drag scene. By the end of the year, according to Adam, “STQ 2.0” will scale up and out to other cities.  When it does, users will be able to use it to find drag entertainment and performers around the country based on their likes and artist preferences from their hometown.  Additionally, it plans to offer drag themed event planning – think gay bachelor party with a drag queen hostess getting the guys all dolled up drag or putting together a customized Drag Brunch sure to put your friends into a death drop.

Brenda Darhling at The Spot Photo courtesy of The Spot


“Queer artists, trans artists, POC artists are all under attack right now from the highest reaches of power in our country,” said Scott. “One of the best things we can do to support these local artists is to go to their shows. Tip them generously. Tag and promote them, and support the queer spaces they perform in. Drag is about spreading joy—and drag saves lives.”


Visit See The Queens
Follow them on Instagram @seethequeensnyc



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