Celebrate National Love People Day 2021 with Music from the Heart

Our inescapable reality is living in a time of anger, outrage, division, mistrust, and hate.  It doesn’t help that wearing masks to prevent transmission of covid-19 also prevents us from seeing each other as people and seeing the shared concern and worry on everyone else’s faces.  But today, on National Love People Day, we have the opportunity to stop and see each other and choose love over hate.  In doing so, we can choose make a better world for everyone.

From the National Love People Day site,

“Every year on September 30th is National Love People Day. The purpose of the day is to show love to everyone – no exceptions. National Love People Day tasks us to display unconditional love, which many have never experienced. But, when we genuinely love our neighbors and express it with kind words and thoughtful deeds, we make the world a better place. It is the true meaning of ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’”

In the lead up to today’s National Love People Day, they issued a five-day “Love People” Challenge which we’ve been tweeting about each day.  Today we decided to go all in with a tribute to each one in music to inspire us all.  For as Shakespeare wrote,

“If Music be the food of Love, Play on!”

Day 1: Pay It Forward

“The Category *IS*…LOVE!”Billy Porter

From the groundbreaking series POSE, “Love’s in Need of Love Today”


Day 2: Love On Your Family

“No matter where in the world we live, we must join the diaspora, venturing beyond our biological family to find our logical one, the one that actually makes sense for us.”Armistead Maupin

For the LGTB+ who found family in our Community, the gay tea dance classic, “Love is in the Air”


Day 3: Show Love to First Responders

“No greater love than one who will lay down their life for a friend.”John 15:13

From the Tony Award Winning Broadway revival of Once On This Island, “Human Heart” this goes out to all whose love and healing are getting us through these terrible times.


Day 4: Reaching Out with Love on Seniors

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” – David Bowie

Since 1982 the young@heart chorus has been defying expectations and become a global touring sensation.  After David Bowie’s passing in 2016, they paid tribute to him in concert.


Day 5: Spread Love in Your Community and Nation

“Spread Love like Butter” – @juslilmissp 

One of our favorite organizations spreading love like butter through music is  Playing For Change.  We can’t think of better to celebrate National Love People Day than an old school classic on a 21st century, “Love Train.”



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