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America’s First Elected Openly Gay Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis

While political pundits we’re obsessed with blue vs red, black vs white, and orange vs brown, they forgot to look at the bigger picture, the one that includes all the colors of the rainbow.  Last night the LGBT Community made a history when Jared Polis was elected the first openly gay man as Governor of Colorado.

Polis, a Democrat who has served in the House of Representatives since 2009, did not just beat his Republican opponent, he beat him 51.6% to 45%.

Mike Pence’s was up all night with endless crying and temper tantrums.  But at least Mother was only a few feet away in her matching twin bed to try and comfort him.

At only 43, Jared Polis is a five term Congressman from Colorado who is married to Marlon Ries and together have two children and dog.  He’s an avid animal welfare advocate who plans to fight Trump’s roll-back of Obama era protections.

“In honor of our furry (and feathered) friends, I’m releasing my animal welfare plan – we can make Colorado even better for wildlife, farm animals, and our animal companions!” he posted to Instagram Wednesday along with a family photo that includes his pooch. He included the hashtag “#PupsForPolis

(Photo courtesy of @PolisForCO)

In his speech last night Polis said,

“The time is now to unite in our common purpose, rooted in our shared love for our home of Colorado, and confident that what makes us unique isn’t just the boldness of our ideas — it’s the resilience and the spirit of Coloradans, who make change happen, who bring these bold ideas to life,”

Marlon Reis and Jared Polis on National Coming Out Day via Instagram

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