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Catholic School Boy defends Gay Marriage to The Church in 127 page Argument

Last week theOUTfront brought reads two stories very different stories of courage in our Community. 

The first story was about Father James Martin who posted on social media that there are saints who were gay.

Read the post HERE

The second story was about Byshop Elliot, an openly gay, high school junior in Buffalo, New York with the courage to take on his principle and school district in court for the right to form a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Read the post HERE

Those worlds are meeting this week in the story of a 17 year old Catholic High school student who wrote 127 page academic paper taking on the entire dogma of the Church, entitled “Gay Marriage is Fabulous,” in which he argues the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.  According to,

“When the issue of same-sex marriage was raised, the student gave a speech explaining that the Bible did not, in fact, condemn homosexuality.

The teacher countered the argument by quoting Aquinas’s “natural law” and in the following class, instead of facilitating a proper discussion, showed the class an anti-LGBT video. “ 

The student presented his rebuttal in 30,000 words with 52 footnotes and 174 references.  The article goes on,

“It then deconstructs each of these arguments in turn with direct reference to the Bible and other holy texts.

“Now that we have sufficiently presented the view of the Church, we can… dissect the severe issues and flaws concerning the Church’s opposition to homosexuality and the recognition of gay marriage,” the paper reads. “


Read the full article via HERE


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