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Gay Student Stands Up for Equality against his Principle and School

For most of us, high school was about trying to fit, not about standing out and standing up.  But for one McKinley junior in Buffalo New York, he’s filed a federal lawsuit against his principle, high school and district for the right to form a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Byshop Elliot photo courtesy ACLU

Openly gay 18 year-old Byshop Elliot got fed up with the alleged homophobic atmosphere and oppression at school, so with the help of the New York ACLU filed suit.  According to,

“The lawsuit alleges that McKinley Principal Crystal Boling-Barton has warned students during announcements that they aren’t allowed to bring same-sex dates to the prom, keeps couples tickets reserved for opposite gender pairs, and separates same-sex partners when dancing together.

“Schools should encourage kids who try to make the learning environment more inclusive for other students,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman in a statement. “But LGBTQ students at McKinley have met only discouragement, inaction and homophobia from the school and district charged with supporting them. This goes against everything New York stands for.”

Read Byshop’s full story via HERE


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