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Billy Porter is the Queen of Times Square with Live Performance of “For What It’s Worth” VIDEO

To say call Tony, Grammy, Emmy Award winner, and slayer of red carpets everywhere, Billy Porter larger than life would be to say the least an understatement.  But today it wasn’t just a figure of speech, it was FOR. REAL.  Towering over “the crossroads of the world” in Times Square, heart of New York (MFin’) City, Billy Porter brought the house down with a live performance of his new single, “For What It’s Worth.”

(Even the pigeons be like…)


Before his performance, Robin Roberts caught up with Billy on what he’s been up to during his quarantine time.  Let’s just say he ain’t been bakin’ banana bread and pushin’ off sour dough starter on the neighbors.

(Somebody needs to warn Billy to watch his back.   Elton John is coming for them glasses. #Fierce)

After six weeks of lockdown and social distancing, we’ve seen production values and the streaming quality of live broadcasts run the gamut from two tin cans and a piece of string to 4K.  Even with the best technology, many guest appearances and performances suffered greatly.  Still Billy Porter who could not see, only hear the GMA feed said, “hold my Dom while I sang.”



According to The Randy Report 

“During former Vice President Joe Biden’s streaming event on Saturday celebrating the one-year anniversary of his entry into the 2020 presidential race, Emmy/Tony/Grammy Award winner Billy Porter premiered the lyric video for his new single, “For What It’s Worth.”

Read the full article Billy Porter Debuts Music Video: “I Want My Art To Make A Difference” 


Enjoy this stunning visual lyric video by artist Kameron Neal.  #warrior

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