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Assignment: Democracy – 7 Things You Can Do

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

The general election is six months from today, and on November 5th Americans have possibly the most consequential decision to make in our nation’s history.  Do we want to elect a President or elect an autocrat who has said he will “be a dictator” on day one?

The choice in our Presidential election is truly that simple.

It’s not about taxes, or foreign policy, or even the economy.  It’s about whether we want to continue living in, however flawed and imperfect, a pluralistic, democratic Republic or surrender our freedoms, civil rights, and system of justice to one man’s tyrannical whims and promise of “retribution.”

There is no doubt that’s exactly what re-electing the former President would bring.  He’s said it repeatedly in person and in print.  Time magazine reported this out in a lengthy interview last week.

“How Far Would Trump Go” 


What’s more, The Heritage Foundation, an ultra-conservative think tank, has fully embraced his vision with a full plan for consolidating power and voiding the Constitution in a second term.  It’s in collaboration with 100 other far right organizations including white supremacist Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point. Their Project 2025 is no secret, and they make no apologies or excuses for the anti-democracy policies it will enact if a Republican wins the White House.  It’s not hyperbole – it’s completely serious and real, so much so it’s on Wikipedia, Project 2025. 

With so much at stake it’s utterly incomprehensible that polling shows the Presidential race a dead heat.  When a Trump victory would mean a disruption and reorganization of our free and open society in ways second only to the Covid-19 pandemic, but permanently, how is the race not a Biden landslide?  Nevertheless, six months out from Election Day the future of America is a tossup.

Political pundits say not to read too much into polling six months out, that things will change as November approaches.  But they’re not going to change unless there is action.  Democracy is not a spectator’s sport.  If we want to keep our democracy, we the people must get involved starting now.

While donating is great and voting is imperative, there are other things everyone can do in the next six months that will make a difference come election day.  Here’s a list of seven things we can do one on one.

  1. Make sure everyone in your circle is registered to vote. If they’re not, get them registered ASAP.  This government website has all the information needed to register in any state: RegisterToVote


  1. Ask everyone to double check their voter registration status. In the last four years hundreds of laws have been passed, especially in red states, to suppress voting, purge voter rolls, and challenge voters already registered in order to invalidate their registration.  It’s easy to find out your voter status at CanIVote.

  1. Talk to those who want to sit out the election or vote third party to protest. There are certainly issues for people to be upset about with the Biden Administration. But pick any one of them and ask how it would be better, fairer and or just under a Trump Administration.  Remind them that the only thing Trump is about is Trump.


  1. Talk to legitimate “old school” Republicans i.e. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Chaney types. These also including the “Nicki Hailey voters.”  While we may not agree with them on any policy, we can agree that continuing our great American Experiment and 248 years as a nation are worth preserving.  There are plenty of “Republicans” who say they’ve never voted for a Democrat and never will.  Empathize with how they’re feeling; but ask them, if they want their vote to continue having legitimate value and meaning?  If Trump is elected this year, it will be the last fair and honest election in America.


  1. Don’t waste your time trying to persuade/argue with MAGA voters. They are hopelessly bought into the cult and will never yield to reason, let alone admit they’re wrong.


  1. Share these actions with others. None of these actions is difficult but if everyone reached out and got one more person involved in our democracy and to vote this fall, the election won’t even be close.

Democracy is a team sport.  The more people involved the better and stronger it will be.  Taking small steps and having little conversations will make a difference on November 5th.  When the counting is finished and democracy is preserved, we can all share in the pride of ownership for having made it happen.


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