‘Commitment to Life’ Premiering on MSNBC: Trailer

It’s hard to believe that HIV/AIDS has been part of our lives now for five decades.  It’s also hard to believe that after all that time, we still don’t have a cure or vaccine for the virus that’s taken hundreds of thousands of lives in the US and tens of millions of lives globally.  Thankfully, there are several medications now which make the once fatal disease a livable chronic condition for those infected.

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But when AIDS first struck the gay Community in the early 1980s, they didn’t even know what to call it.  It was first reported as “gay cancer,” later named GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency, and when it spread into the mainstream population ultimately Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  If not knowing what was infecting and killing gay men in the early days wasn’t terrifying enough, knowing if you were infected as you watched friends and lovers seemingly waist away overnight was an overwhelming mix of fear, grief, utter helplessness, and knowing the government had no interest in saving “faggots” from dying.

We had to save ourselves.

If anything, “good” came out of the AIDS crisis, it was the galvanizing together of the LGBT Community into a powerful, visible, and political force to respond to the growing public health emergency threatening their very existence.

Much has been written, recorded, and put on film about the AIDS crisis and the response to it in epicenters like New York and San Francisco.  Commitment to Life, a new documentary premiering on MSNBC this Sunday at 9PM EST, chronicles the epidemic in Los Angeles and how Hollywood rallied together jump-starting support for those living with HIV/AIDS and raising desperately needed funds for research.


As we reported last June, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, launched The Rocket Fund a campaign to turbocharge global efforts to overcome stigma and inequity and end AIDS for all by 2030.

“Elton John Launches The Rocket Fund to End AIDS For All” 

Join and/or donate to The Rocket Fund HERE


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