Andrew Niquette, 19yo Gay Democrat is running for Georgia General Assembly

This Is What Democracy Looks Likes!

In 2016, Andrew Niquette was one of the youngest delegates in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention. In 2018 he wants to be the youngest person ever elected to a seat in the Georgia General Assembly.  Between now and then, he plans to marry his fiancée Rory.

Gotta love a man with passion!

When Niquette announced his candidacy last December, it didn’t just make news, it made headlines.   Former State Rep. John White, who in 1974 became the first African-American to hold the seat was publicly outraged.  According to

White wrote an email to fellow Democrats blasting Niquette and included a photograph of him kissing his partner.

“Is this what you are thrilled about? I can’t say ‘I am thrilled about all you are doing,’” White wrote. “Andrew Niquette can do his Whatever… I have ZERO Tolerance for this lifestyle,”

Niquette replied:

“Such a shame that a reputable former Democratic Representative who was an advocate for Civil Rights has the audacity to judge me for whom I choose to love,” Niquette wrote. “I do hope that you get together with the 21st Century, Rep. White, and you can be sure that it will be known of your homophobia.”

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Keep fighting the good fight Andrew.  We love and support you!

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