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In Service to America: Pete Buttigieg’s story of Patriotism in Action

Conservatives try to claim sole ownership of red, white, and blue patriotism requiring unquestioning, blind loyalty to country.  Anything less, any decent, criticism, or God forbid, protest is seen as thoroughly un-American.  The rising tide of nationalism has washed back in “America! love it or leave it!” like dumped refuse from a garbage scow of history.  But hollow political tropes hold no water compared to the actual work done in service to America like that of Democratic, presidential primary candidate, Pete Buttigieg.

Mayor Pete extolls patriotism, not with lip service like one who dodged his duty when called, but by his deeds and actions done of his own volition.  From knocking on doors in Iowa for Obama’s 2008 campaign, to campaigning himself for Mayor of South Bend, Indiana in 2010, to 2014 when he was called up for active duty in Afghanistan, to his current run in the crowded Democratic presidential primary, Pete Buttigieg walks his talk.  In an in-depth interview with ABC News, Buttigieg discussed not only his service to America but his plans for the ways other Americans can do so if is elected.

(courtesy South Bend Tribune)

Even with a long military tradition in his family it was a complete stranger who inspired Buttigieg to enlist in the Navy.  From the interview,

“In Iowa, he said, he knocked on a door and met a young man with freckles. The man, whom Buttigieg thought was barely old enough to vote, told him that he wanted to go to the upcoming caucus but couldn’t because he was shipping off to basic training.  Buttigieg described recognizing that military service had increasingly become a normal route out of high school for working class kids in country’s midsection, and rare for those who, like him, had a middle-class upbringing that led him to Harvard.

‘The fact that I had been to an Ivy League school,’ he said, ‘made me, statistically, extremely unlikely to serve in the same way it made these kids I kept running into in south central Iowa extremely likely to serve.’”

The many lessons learned and insight gained while in service to his country, Buttigieg brought home and uses to make America a more perfect union every day.

Again, from his interview,

“It’s something that really affected me deeply, and it’s a part of a lot of stuff that I talk about on the campaign,” he said. “Not just foreign policy and security, but also when I’m talking about things like the value of national service, what I’m thinking about is the people I was there with who were totally different from me.”

Read this extensive and fascinating interview, including details of Mayor Pete’s military deployment and being “the Uber driver for his unit” in the ABC News article HERE 

Pete Buttigieg has put out a “National Service Plan” with three basic goals bridging economic, racial, geographic, and educational divides to bring Americans together to build a better country and tomorrow for all.

Read Pete’s full National Service Plan HERE

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