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What Part of the USA has the Highest Percentage of LGBT People?

Where do you think the most LGBT people live in the United States? San Francisco? Provincetown? Actually, the area of the US that has the highest percentage of LGBT identifying people just happens to share a zip code with President Trump! (GASP!)

According to Gallup, Washington DC tops the list! LGBTQ Nation reports,

“…folks at Gallup have come out with a new poll that claims the highest population of self-identifying lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender Americans, by percentage, can be found in Washington, D.C.

According to the Gallup survey, 8.6 percent of people in the District of Columbia identify as LGBT (they didn’t use the Q for queer or questioning in its survey), more than all of the 50 states, and even the territories.

Vermont won the honor of being the top state with the highest self-identifying population, at 5.3 percent. California, Massachusetts and Oregon tied for third place with 4.9 percent and Nevada was a close 4th with 4.8 percent. Right behind is Delaware, with a very close 4.7 percent.

And bringing up the rear, or should we say bottom, is South Dakota with a measly two percent.

As Gay Star News reported, the report found that the Pacific, Middle Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions have all seen a boost in the number of LGBT residents, but the greatest was noted in the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii, higher than New England, since 2012.”

According to Gallup, “A variety of factors influence changes in the portion of adults identifying as LGBT over time. Gallup research documents ongoing increases in the social acceptance of LGBT individuals in the U.S. Growing public acceptance can affect, and likely increase, the willingness of LGBT individuals to identify as such on surveys.

Nationally, virtually all of the increases in LGBT identification over the past five years are among millennials. Their coming of age at a time of greater social acceptance toward LGBT individuals may contribute to disproportionate increases in LGBT identity across states. As the youngest millennials reach 18 and enter Gallup’s national adult surveys, their influence on the national survey estimates increases proportionally.”

Do these results surprise you at all? Let us know what surprised you and who you expected to make this list.


2 thoughts on “What Part of the USA has the Highest Percentage of LGBT People?

  • I recently read that in Japan, before Christianity was introduced to their culture, that same sex love was not looked down upon. I also read that even today, it is expected that members of the same sex will fall in love with each other at some point in life and it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is homosexual, just love between humans.

  • Donna

    I would have guessed San Francisco and Provincetown. This just proved we are everywhere!!!


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