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WATCH: THE ARROW [Love. Pride. Truth.], a visual Love Letter

When acrobats Matthew Richardson and Francis Perreault conceived of “The Arrow” in 2016 it was an expression of their love story.  Then life happened and their work took on greater meaning to a global audience in the wake of unimaginable grief and sorrow, The Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.

With over 1.1M views, Richardson and Perreault’s creation is visual poetry in motion.  It is art reflecting the lives of two men living their truth by expressing the power of love in strength, beauty, and joy. 

It’s easy to see why the stunning imagery of The Arrow and its story of [Love. Pride. Truth.] struck the heart of our global LGBT Community.


At time when the world is being lead by hate, anger, and division, we need to be reminded by the artists and poets that love will conqueror hate.   

The overwhelming popularity of “The Arrow” prompted them to create this “making of” video.  The backstory is equally as moving as the beautiful video they created.


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