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WATCH: Chance the Rapper meets Rodgers & Hammerstein for “Zanies and Fools” on SNL

Live from New York, Chance the Rapper goes Broadway!

In a collaboration for the ages, Chicago’s favorite son, Chance the Rapper and the Great White Way’s, Rodgers and Hammerstein teamed up for a magical musical performance on SNL any Fairy Godmother would be proud of.

From the ACT I finale “Impossible: It’s Possible” of 1957’s musical Cinderella, comes the inspiration for Chance’s “Zanies and Fools.” Riffing on the original songs themes of believing and persevering making the impossible possible, Chance makes his lyrics personal.

He raps how the journey of his life became possible and then goes deep, drawing on the story of Black America, impossible to it’s possible.  The brilliance of his performance was starting with his little girl singing the Rodger’s and Hammerstein classic, still innocent to the reality of the world; but by the end making everyone believe a better world for all our children is possible.


“Well, we must be some zanies and fools
To take a gamble on this love just like we do
A crazy thing to do it’s possible, it’s possible!”

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