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James Longman reports from inside Chechnya’s Gay Purge: VIDEO

Since early 2017, reports of the abduction, torture, and even murder of homosexuals in the Russian controlled district of Chechnya have caused international outrage and unilateral condemnation.

(video still)

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s has denied the allegation as “absolute lies and disinformation” saying “there are no homosexuals in the Muslim-majority region.”  Yet journalists continue to find evidence of LGBTs being rounded up and interned in camps in what has become known as Chechnya’s Gay Purge.

(Gen. Apti Alaudinov and James Longman in Chechnya, video still)

Openly gay journalist, James Longman of ABC News has gone into the lion’s den to report from inside Chechnya. He meets the victims of these anti-gay atrocities, interviews a general responsible a purge of people who he claims, “don’t exist,” and makes a remarkable admission.


Watch the conclusion of James Longman’s stunning report at the link below.

Coming out to head of Chechen police, a force accused of brutal ‘gay purge’: Part 2 

These are organizations are helping get people out of Chechnya’s Gay Purge.

All Out 

Rainbow Railroad 

James Longman’s decision to reveal he is gay to the man responsible the  imprisonment and torture of hundreds of LGBTs took an enormous amount of courage and strength.  Read about what was going through his mind in his personal account.

“That time I told the head of Chechen police I was gay. Standing in a jail cell: Reporter’s notebook” 

(video still)

Follow James Longman on Twitter @JamesAALongman on Instagram and on his website HERE 



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