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The Skivvies get Together to Help Fundraise with “I Can Social Distance” MUSIC VIDEO

Thanks to technology, the new reality of social distancing can actually bring us together in creative and sexy ways as undie rock duo, Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina aka The Skivvies are showing us this week.

On Tuesday, Nick treated fans to a Bette Midler redux, “Social Distance.”

Nick Cearley is Lifting Us Up in Song with “Social Distance” MUSIC VIDEO

Yesterday, Lauren shared her original, “quarantune” sing-a- long, “Stay-Put Sally”

Be a “Stay-Put Sally” with Broadway’s Lauren Molina 

Today, they are together (virtually) bringing us their latest video collaboration, “I Can Social Distance.” While it is their usual fabulous brand of “stripped down” music parody, this one has a special purpose. From Lauren’s YouTube Channel,

“Adhering to the advice of the CDC, The Skivvies are helping to curb the spread of Coronavirus, by maintaining social distance. This means maintaining further than usual distance from others, at least 6 feet, and avoiding gatherings where people are in close proximity. Wash your hands and stay inside as much as possible. Let’s get through this pandemic together.

Sending healing vibes to the world at this time of crisis. Thankful to all the medical workers caring for those in need.

BC/EFA launched a $1 million fundraising challenge for a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund at The Actor’s Fund. This fund is for people who are facing healthcare crises and other needs in the wake of the pandemic. Please help if you can.”

Give here 

Now please enjoy, “I Can Social Distance”


Music, like laughter has the power to heal, so right now we can’t get enough of The Skivvies.  In keeping with the theme of washing, here’s one of their early videos when tubby time was something to share.  (Pippa in the sink is hilarious! She DGAF)


Subway ridership in New York City is down 60% from a month ago which is not surprising considering trains can be nasty as hell.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Conor Ryan’s experience


Remember the good old days when you could hold hands?  You know like a week ago?  It’s amazing how ironic some things have become like this “Hands Medley” featuring special guest (wait for it) Nick Adams in a jockstrap. #IdTakeMyChances


If theOUTfront were a late-night talk show, our dream band would be The Skivvies.  They’re brilliant, funny, and always on point.  Not to mention, we may be crushin just a little bit on furry back-up bandmate Eli Zoller.

Here’s Eli front and center with a perfect medley to lift our spirits during these dark days and to welcome the start of spring.


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Check The Skivvies website for information about future in person performances when it becomes available HERE

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