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The Category IS “Democratic Hilarity” as Billy Porter MC’s the CNN Equality Town Hall on SNL

Start waving those fans and snappin’ your finger y’all cuz SNL’s cold opening was lit AF!  CNN’s Equality Town Hall met the ballroom as the Democratic primary candidates walked for none other than thee Billy Porter.

If fierce and fabulous Billy Porter colliding with starched and stoic Anderson Cooper wasn’t hilarious enough, the Democratic candidates sashaying across the stage slayed one after the other.  As always, SNL had a few surprise guest appearances up their sleeve that were da’ bomb!


Judges’ scores!

Let’s keep it real y’all, we need laughter now more than ever and the ability to laugh at oneself and by extension “our team” is a sign of maturity. This certainly explains why someone, can’t take a joke, laugh at himself, and calls SNL “very unfunny” every time he’s impersonated.  #SashayAway

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