Summer’s Hottest Trend, Police Department Lip-Sync Challenge: WATCH

Sadly, most videos of police officers that go viral today are when they are caught behaving badly and/or breaking the law themselves.  The increase use of body cameras and pervasiveness of cell phones has brought into sharp focus the need to root out abusive cops and for better policing, often called “community policing.”

One small but positive trend this summer is the “Police Department Lip-Synch Challenge.” It’s not only fun catching these officers “in the “act,” but some of these men in blue are hot as hell!  As in, you won’t complain if they slap their cuffs on you and lay down the law.

Whether serious lip-sync, mash-up mayhem, or a combined effort involving the community they serve and protect, these videos are a fun reminder of what we all want and deserve to live with dignity, security and in harmony.

Here’s just a few of theOUTfront favorites.


For those of you who love “hose jockeys,” (and who doesn’t?) our blog buddy, Randy Slovacek of The Randy Report has this post to light your fire.

“Texas Firemen Live Their Music Video Dreams In Video Challenge”




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