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Randy Rainbow’s new parody “You Can’t Stop His Tweets!”

By TheatreRat

In what just may be his most perfect pairing of subject and source yet, Randy Rainbow has dropped his latest showtune parody, “You Can’t Stop His Tweets!” teased out from John Water’s smash-hit, Hairspray

(Amazon must deliver Aqua Net to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave by the truck load these days)

President Rancid Kumquat and his cabinet of crackers promise to “Make America Great Again” in a crusade to return the country to a time when people who don’t look “Americans” aren’t treated like citizens.  They long for the “good’ol days” before the Civil Rights Moment.

But the impulse control impaired, commander-in-chief, just can’t accept the voice of justice and equality will always speak louder than his thumbs.

And it’s hilarious!

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