Randy Rainbow’s “Just my Bill,” a hilarious Showboat serenade.

By TheatreRat

He’s Baaack!

Randy Rainbow just released his latest showtune parody, a love song fond farewell to FOX “News” commentator Bill O’Reilly.  With all the admiration of an altar boy for a defrock priest, Randy Rainbow laments Bill’s fall from grace for sexual and racial harassment and firing from his long time “no spin zone” rant-fest on the cable network.

For this political satire song, Randy Rainbow drew from Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II’s 1927 musical, Showboat as inspiration.   Ironically, 1927 is the same year that O’Reilly’s views on race, equality, justice and women are also drawn.

When the announcement of Bill O’Reilly’s firing was made public, he was in Rome and had just been pictured shaking hands with Pope Francis.  It’s safe to assume the pontiff washed his hands quite vigorously and rinsed them thoroughly with holy water trying to remove the stench afterwards.


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