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Randy Rainbow’s First Broadway Revival, “Sedition!” VIDEO

Joining the growing chorus demanding the removal of America’s first Dictator in Chief, Randy Rainbow out does himself with “Sedition!”  It could not be better timing, more on point, or anymore perfect mash up of material and message.

Taken from the Broadway classic, Fiddler on the Roof, the opening number celebrates the traditions which have kept the Jewish people and their community strong, proud and able to persevere.  Its joy is the antithesis of the hate on full display by the Trump terrorist who ransacked our nation’s Capitol.

via Twitter
“Work Brings Freedom” is the English translation of “Arbeit Macht Frei,” the sign above the gate of Auschwitz. The back of his shirt said, “STAFF.”

This is the hate, murder, and tyranny that every member of Congress who object to certifying the Electoral College supported and co-signed, like Senator Josh Hawley.

Sen. Josh Hawley signaling his solidarity to the Trump terrorists outside the Capitol less than an hour before they ransacked it.


As Holocaust survivors say, “Never Forget,” especially not as a nice Jewish boy like Randy Rainbow sings, “SEDITION!”


In an idiom more attune to POTUS’s understanding,


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