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Randy Rainbow vows “I Won’t Vote Trump” in Song Parody as Fundraiser for Headcount: VIDEO

With only fifty days left until the election, Randy Rainbow returns with his first song parody since a series of offensive tweets resurfaced from several years ago.  (Doesn’t anyone ever go back and clean their shit up???)

With one YouTube video he attempts to pull off the Broadway equivalent of a double pirouette into the splits while singing a high B flat by explaining himself in mocking the POTUS before going into a song parody from Peter Pan as fundraiser for an arts and democracy non-profit.

Randy Rainbow’s statement on YouTube

“Hey, Friends!

This one’s a fundraiser for Headcount, a non-profit which uses music and culture to engage Americans with democracy. Donate if you can by hitting the DONATE button above and visit to register to VOTE or verify your address.”

Everyone is free to decide how they feel about his past tweets and his explanations, but we can all agree to vow, “I won’t vote Trump” because if we do, it’s a safe bet America won’t vote again.



Donate to via YouTube or directly HERE

Learn more about Headcount HERE 

Follow them on Twitter at @HeadCountOrg on Instagram @HeadCountOrg  and on Facebook 


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