Our New Year’s Wish for You in 2022

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

When we welcomed 2019, it was with joyful anticipation of our Community’s 50th anniversary and a global celebration of the largest civil rights movement in history.

We carried that energy into 2020 focusing it on the great work of electing a new President and saving the soul of America.  Then Covid-19 appeared like a deadly comet out of the darkness on a collision course.  We were told to expect “significant disruptions to everyday life,” and if we heeded medical advice to anticipate 100K fatalities, 200K if we didn’t.

As that year of endless suffering drew to a close nearly 400K Americans had died; but we had a vaccine, a new President-elect, and hope our full lives would be restored in 2021.  We didn’t imagine an insurrection on the sixth day of the new year.  What’s more, we never could have believed the Republican party would abandon democracy for the principles of autocracy from election boards to statehouses, and Congress.

Who would have thought after a year of vaccinations we’d have another 400K+ lives lost to the pandemic; still be required to wear masks; and experiencing a record high covid surge which could cripple health care systems?  All of this suffering and hardship needlessly due to the unvaccinated and their right-wing enablers who encourage “FreeDumb.”

Personally, the seismic, unexpected, traumas of the last two years have left me wary of the next unforeseeable ordeal.  And the first two are not over yet, not by a damn sight.  I’ve never before entered a new year fearful of what’s to come.  Looking around social media, it appears I’m far from alone feeling that way.

It’s hard to wish someone “Happy New Year” as we cross the threshold of 2022, so I’ve been trying to find a more apropos wish for the new year.  I think I found it.

Without any sarcasm and in all sincerity,

Good Luck in 2022

And if the past two years have taken their toll and you happen to be feeling battered and broken too, remember this.

“A disco ball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light.

You’re not broken. You’re a disco ball.”


And what’s a disco ball without some music to go with it?

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