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NOMG! The White House is back to Voter Fraud Again

Today the completely false idea of rampant voter fraud in last November’s election got stirred up again by White House Adviser Stephen Miller.  What is so incredible is that each time comes up it keeps getting bigger and more absurd despite there being absolutely no evidence, proof, or scrap of anything to support it.  The latest claim made by Miller on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” was that thousands of people were bused into New Hampshire to vote in the election.

“Do you have that evidence?” Stephanopoulos asked Miller on “This Week” Sunday.

This morning on this show is not the venue for me to lay out all the evidence. But I can tell you this, voter fraud is a serious problem in this country,” Miller said, pointing to claims of “millions of people” registered in two states, as well as deceased individuals and noncitizens registered to vote.

Stephanopoulos pressed Miller on the specific claim of fraud in New Hampshire, asking, “You just claimed again that there was illegal voting in New Hampshire, people bused in from the state of Massachusetts. Do you have evidence of that?”

“George, go to New Hampshire. Talk to anybody who’s worked in politics there for a long time. Everybody’s aware of the problem in New Hampshire,” Miller responded.

Stephanopoulos asked again, “Just for the record, you have provided absolutely no evidence. The president’s made a statement.”

“The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state,” Miller said.”

Full story and video here

With Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and the rest of them, Botox must be the official sponsor of the Trump Administration; because there have never been so many crazy ass white people who can flat out lie with a straight face in the White House at onetime.

For the record: A)There is NO voter fraud problem, a FACT which has been proven by numerous reliable sources.  B)The White House has provide ZERO proof of any fraud. C) People found to have been registered to vote in two states (which is not illegal) included members of Trump’s immediate family and Steve Bannon.

So why is theOUTfront going on about this again?

Two reasons: A)The truth and facts matter!  What some tangerine twitter tyrant says does not. B) This Administration is a master of distraction.  If they’re bring this stupid shit up again, something ugly must be about to go down.

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