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MANCANDY: Men with Beards more Woofy than you know

Whether scruffy, well-groomed, or full on Grizzly Adams, beards have become sexy AF; unless they’re worn by douche hipsters living in Brooklyn trying to look ironically organic. These days men can get many beard products to groom and treat their beards, for example a Beard Growth Kit to make their beards even more luxurious than before. Beards on a chiseled masculine face or framing a dazzling pair of eyes have been known to elicit guttural growls and woofs from many a gay man, like a dog trying to break his leash.

But did you know, beards and dogs have a lot in common?

“Swiss researchers collected swabs from the facial hair of men and the necks of dogs from different breeds and compared the results of the two… In the research, the data shows bacteria found in a man’s beard is far worse in number than those found in dogs.  Researchers found significantly more bacteria in men’s beards compared to the dog’s fur around the neck. 

Some of the men who underwent the test were carrying so much bacteria in their beards that there were at risk of getting sick… The bacterial content on men’s beards come in high loads… In fact, some of the men that were tested were found to be carrying microbes that usually threatens human health.”

Read the full article via HERE 

Can we talk? Considering where gay men frequently have their faces buried, how dirty a man’s beard may or may not be, doesn’t even register.

Here are a few of our favorite Woofy Bearded Men

Neat n Trimmed Nyle

(via Instagram)

Nyle DiMarco on Instagram

Olympian Chris

(via Instagram)

Chris Mazdzer on Instagram 

Super Bowl MVB Julian

(via Instagram)



(via Instagram)

Julian Edelman on Instagram

Rugged Alex

(via Instagram)

Alex Abramov on Instagram 

Salt n Pepper Daddy Jim

(via Instagram)

Jim Newman on Instagram 

Two Beards are Better than One

(via Instagram)


(via Instagram)


The Kilted Coaches on Instagram

Chiseled God Killian

(via Instagram)

Killian on Instagram 

Bonus Pic (He calls it an “out take”)

(via Instagram)


2 thoughts on “MANCANDY: Men with Beards more Woofy than you know

  • Tammy Faye

    Now I don’t wanna kiss a guy with a beard. OK, maybe just one more guy with a beard, maybe two.


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