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MANCANDY:: Killian and the Brothers of Summer

With that Punxsutawney rodent heralding six more week of winter today, and the country about to plunge into another arctic deep freeze this weekend, theOUTfront thought our readers could definitely use some warmth.

So we brought the heat!
(Photo credit: Flo, Killian, Clem)

One of our favorite subjects is French model and personal trainer, Killian aka Beast.  We’re posting about him for a third time but now, he’s got the “Brothers of Summer” with him.  Photographer Pascalpprl, once again has brilliantly captured these men celebrating their chiseled godlike physiques in the sun.

(Photo credit: Flo)
(Photo credit: Clem)

This is our kind of Bae Watch!

The completely uncensored (Viva la France!) limited edition “Brothers of Summer” photography book featuring models, Killian, Clem, and Flo sold out which apparently prompted “Brothers of Summer 2.0” with even more men (and were all good with that).

The initial Brothers offerings were so popular that plans are in the works for a 2018 edition.  Here’s what we know from their page.

“We have just completed our first project (a one-week photoshoot during Summer 2017 along the French Atlantic Coast which has allowed us to produce a book). This project having gained some success, we have decided to repeat this experience on a bigger scale. Similarly, the images produced will be gathered in a book.  Here are a few key-words to give you the mood and flavor. bromance • sand • summer • heat • boys • swimming • athletic • skin • sports • beach • muscles • splash • nude • sun

For 2018, we are aiming high : instead of mainland France, we want to try to shoot either in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.”

More info and how you can be part of their 2018 project HERE 

While the sculpted male subjects grab our attention, let’s take a moment to give some serious credit to the stunning visual work of photographer, Pascalpprl.  His eye for form and composition; use of bold minimal props; and ability to capture the most striking images of male sexuality/eroticism is utterly breath taking and unparalleled today.

Check out more of Pascalpprl’s past work HERE!


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Is that performing with his or on others?
(model: flo_calisthenics)

(Photo credit: all images by Pascalpprl)

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  • Now those are some hot looking men! Very nice post!

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    • We don’t have a newsletter at the present time, but thanks for the terrific idea! It’s definitely something we’ll think about for the future.
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